Zeke's Flashback Favourites: ONE DOVE

This morning, I was reflecting on some of the more obscure music of my life, and thought of one of my favorite songs of early 1994.  The song "White Love" was released in 1993 by Scottish Dance Pop group, ONE DOVE.  It dawned on me that I really knew nothing about this band, and so I thought I would Wikipedia them.  Wikipedia tells you everything... even things that would make your grandmother blush... but, believe you me, she's safe with One Dove.

I think.

I tried to find the official video of  "White Love", but found nothing.  Except for this video, which refers to itself as the "2013 SiX DwArF Promo" video.  I don't know what that means.  It looks valid... albeit a little too contemporary.  That said, let's ALL sit back and enjoy this amazing song by an amazing (true) one-hit-wonder.


Okay.. so... upon publishing the post and watching the video on my computer that actually has audio, I realized that the One Dove segments of this video were actually taken from the official video of their song "Breakdown".  Does this make them a "two-hit-wonder"?  Possibly... either way, let's give credit where credit is due and actually post the official video of one of their songs... albeit one that isn't as tasty (in my humble opinion) as the first song.  Oh... and you may need to cover grandma's eyes over some parts.  People are drinking and whatnot.  She may not approve.