Uncle Zeke's Top 20 of 2013: #18- MAZZY STAR: "Seasons of Your Day"

#19- MAZZY STAR: "Seasons of Your Day"

Number 18 of 2013 (in MY world, just to be clear) is the latest album from this band, formed in 1989.  This album was the first release from the group since 1996 and, in my opinion, one equally enjoyable as anything else they have ever done.  Vocalist Hope Sandoval delivers a beautiful performance, full of melancholy and longing, while guitarist/instrumentalist David Roback keeps things interesting with his sparse arrangements, tasty slide guitar (both in the form of steel guitar, as well as resonator guitars) and low key instrumentation.  What it boils down to is that this album is a soundtrack for a rainy day or when you are just feeling blue. 

While the other music I have heard from Hope Sandoval's other project is pleasant to listen to, I do hope that this is NOT the last that we have heard of Mazzy Star...