UNCLE ZEKE'S TOP 20 of 2013: #20- SAVAGES: "Silence Yourself"

The first question you're asking yourself is, "Shouldn't he be working on his Top 20 of 2014?"... and the answer should probably be 'yes'... at least, in theory.  The sad reality is that I never did get my 2013 list posted. Call me lazy, call me distracted, call me Shirley... call me whatever you want... but just be glad that I'm finally getting around to it.

Also, new to 2013 (yeah, I know it's really 2014) is a proper countdown list that will include SEPARATE posts for each album, instead of one long, time consuming blog post.  It'll make it less overwhelming for me, and probably a little more enjoyable for you. Heck, you may even feel a desire to come back to this silly blog to find out what comes next.  

So, without further adieu... let's get to #20!

THE SAVAGES: "Silence Yourself"

It should be pointed out that I knew nothing about this band before purchasing the album. I was at my favorite local record store, when I kept hearing buzz about how amazing this album is. I should also point out that what most record store clerks listen to does not translate to "Zeke Music", but I was interested in this all-girl band from the U.K.

I don't know if I was initially drawn to the Siouxsie-like vocals of Jehnny Beth or the early Echo & The Bunnymen style of Post-Punk that these ladies are known for, but, either way, it was right up my alley, especially when I find myself in the mood for less polished music.  And, if that wasn't enough, the early vinyl pressings were on clear wax, so I HAD to get it while the getting was good.  (Clear is good)

This, their one and only full length album, was released in May of 2013.

Now....sit back.... and "SHUT UP"....