UNCLE ZEKE'S TOP 20 o' 2013: #13- CAMERA OBSCURA: "Desire Lines"

#13- CAMERA OBSCURA: "Desire Lines"

Who says that slick, polished music is a thing of the past? Not Tracyanne Campbell and CAMERA OBSCURA. Camera Obscura is a Scottish Indie-Pop band, formed in 1996. "Desire Lines" is their fifth full length album and, if this album is any indicator, they have no intentions of slowing down. The album was released in June of 2013, and is available on 4AD Records. 

While most of the Indie scene is occupied by artists and bands that think less is better, there is the occasional group out there that just does what they want... even if that means MORE. I was just thinking earlier, while listening to the album again, that this band hails from a similar mold to that of one of the most beloved Indie bands of the last decade...Belle & Sebastian. I was not surprised to find out that Stuart Murdoch (leader of the aforementioned B&S) produced their first album. I definitely feel that they have continued to embrace the qualities of B&S, while adding their own individual flair to their music. 

I don't quite know what it is about Scots and music, but they have consistently released some of the best music... especially over the last 15 years... and this album is no exception. In addition to walking similar territory with Belle & Sebastian, they have also seemed to bring the same intelligence to their music that Lloyd Cole has consistently brought to HIS music. That said, most Lloyd Cole fans would be amused to hear the older hit by Camera Obscura, "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken". 

So, without further adieu, let's get on with what you've been waiting for.... some actual music by the Scottish darlings, CAMERA OBSCURA.

"Troublemaker" from Desire Lines

Live on KCRW, 2013 (the full set)

and, for you Lloyd Cole fans...