Uncle Zeke's Top 20 o' 2013: #2- GREGORY ALAN ISAKOV: "The Weatherman"

#2- GREGORY ALAN ISAKOV: "The Weatherman"

The album that "would have been" number 1 of 2014 is "The Weatherman", by Gregory Alan Isakov. Gregory, born in South Africa, emigrated to the United States as a lad and now considers Boulder, Colorado his home. "The Weatherman" is the third of three consistently powerful and beautiful albums. 

I eluded above to this album nearly making the top spot of 2013, and it almost did. Had it not been for the number one album creeping into my life, with only a few weeks left in that year, this album would have been sitting at the top. 

Truth be told, the only reason why I didn't rank this one at number one is that, while strong from start to finish, it doesn't stray from the formula of his first two albums. I'm not complaining. I think that, even IF Mr. Isakov were to continually release albums similar to the three already out there, I would always consider myself a fan. 

The music of Gregory Alan Isakov has a simple beauty. A sound that is timeless, yet very pertinent to the Indie scene of the last five years. It tugs at the heart strings, even if you aren't paying attention to the lyrical content of his songs. It soothes and comforts the soul when you are down, yet is the perfect soundtrack when you are road tripping through the more remote areas of the country. It engages the senses in every way. It IS a thing of beauty...

...see for yourself.

"AMSTERDAM" (Official Video)

"SUITCASE FULL OF SPARKS" (Unofficial Video)

"SECOND CHANCES" (Unofficial Video)

"BIG BLACK CAR" (an earlier song, captured live in a living room)

THE STABLE SONG (Live from The Cardinal Sessions)