Uncle Zeke's Top 20 o' 2013: #7- THE CIVIL WARS


Number 7 of 2013... in my humble opinion... is the self-titled second full length album from the talented duo of Joy Williams and John Paul White, a.k.a. The Civil Wars. What this follow-up to the sleeper hit, "BARTON HOLLOW", lacks in originality, it makes up doubly so in personal intimacy. Before the album even hit shelves in 2013, Williams and White had announced that the band would not be continuing. In a statement from Joy Williams, regarding the dissolution of the band, she stated that one need only to listen to the lyrics of the album and they would find answers. And that they (the lyrics) seemed to do, although somewhat mysteriously. Even still, the fate of the band seems (to me) to be shrouded in mystery. While they have eluded to a difference in artistic ambition, I personally feel that it goes a little deeper than that... especially upon close listening to the first song, "The One That Got Away", which tells the tale of forbidden love.

Regardless of exactly "why" the duo parted ways, they at least succeeded in creating a musical legacy, rich with feeling, depth and intimacy.  

Below, I have included the videos for the aforementioned track, as well as the video that started it all off...