Uncle Zeke's Top 20 o' 2013: #8- JOHNNY LANG: "Fight For My Soul"

#8- JONNY LANG: "Fight For My Soul"

Number 8 on my Top 20 of 2013 list is the latest effort from Blues/Gospel artist, Jonny Lang, entitled, "Fight For My Soul". Even though this amazingly talented guitar is fairly young (he is currently 33), he is a veteran in the world of Contemporary Blues. Similar in style to the Blues-y side of John Mayer, capable of beautiful, Blues guitar work in the style of Clapton and Bonamassa, Johnny Lang is something a little different...

In his 33 years, Lang has lived a lot. From living a life of drug abuse and openly hating Christianity and "the things of God", Lang converted to Christianity in 2000. Since then, his work has taken a more spiritual...even Gospel...turn. 

I had the pleasure of seeing this amazingly talented artist and I was awestruck at not only his guitar abilities, but I was blown away by the soul that one finds in his voice. His first major album was released when he was the tender age of 16, but even at 14, critics often cited that Lang had the voice of a veteran Blues singer. 

Move past the optimistic, hopeful lyrics of a young Christian (if that's not your thing) and you will find an amazingly talented musician. I, myself, love the entire package. Why Jonny Lang isn't a household name is beyond me.  That said, as for me and my house, we will continue to dig Soulful stylings of Johnny Lang.

Live at the Big Easy Covent Garden (2014)

And a little bonus clip from one of Eric Clapton's "Crossroads" shows,
featuring Lang, Ron Wood and Buddy Guy
performing the Rolling Stones hit, "Miss You".

And lastly, a clip from a then 17-year old Jonny Lang.
The quality isn't great and the lip syncing (or video sync) is even worse...but wow.