Uncle Zeke's Top 20 o' 2014... an Introduction.

For those of you new to the blog, the following will serve as an explanation as to what, exactly, you will find in the posts to come.  For those of you who are returning, you are going to notice some overall changes.

First, and foremost, I am going to continue on in the same manner as my much belated Top 20 o' 2013 posts, meaning that I will post one album at a time. With previous years, I would compile one lengthy, very time consuming blog post (it would usually take 3-4 hours) that was probably most tedious for the reader... even more so than it was for me to write. I like to share a few thoughts about each of the records posted, in addition to posting a few music videos for the reader to enjoy. With 20 albums to wade through, I have since realized that most readers wouldn't give more than one or two videos the time of day... but with one album as the focal point, it will be easier for the reader to explore the album more deeply, not to mention it will seriously cut back on the time invested in each blog post. It is a veritable win/win situation for everyone.

Another change that I foresee in the next year is one of quantity vs. quality.  For so many years...especially those spent working in a CD shop... I have been more absorbed in trying to find new music than actually getting truly familiar with what I have. Because of that, I have often purchased great new albums and immediately seen them fall by the wayside, as I've continued looking for new things to listen to. The reality is that our music collection is full of hundreds of CDs and thousands of LP records that aren't getting used... not to mention this computer which is full of hundreds of albums. Over the next year, I am going to make an honest effort to get intimately acquainted with the new music that I get BEFORE looking for more material to listen to...even if I only end up doing a Top 10 list at the end of the year. As it stands, numbers 11-20 are usually albums that I am not all that passionate about. I want this next year to be full of albums that I truly love... through and through. 

Lastly, I want the reader to know that I am NOT about trying to find the trendiest, new obscure artist. As I have browsed over other "best of 2014" lists, I've noticed that most of what I have seen is stuff that 99% of the population haven't even heard of. My list will have a little bit of both. I love the music that I love. I love Indie Rock... Classic Rock... Techno... Bluegrass...Jazz...New Age...you name it. I simply love what I love.  

With that... stay tuned over the next couple days, if you want to find out what my 20th favorite album of 2014 is.  Thank you, in advance.