Uncle Zeke's Top 20 o' 2014: #14 - WARPAINT: "Warpaint"

14- WARPAINT: "Warpaint"

Number 14 for the year is the self-titled sophomore release by L.A. based band, WARPAINT. I don't know too much about this all female band, other than the fact that this album was released exactly a decade after they were formed. After a couple E.P. releases, they finally released their first album in 2010.

The ladies of Warpaint have been compared to Cocteau Twins, Joni Mitchell and Siouxisie & The Banshees, all artists for which I have a deep respect. I discovered this album (and band, for that matter), while shopping at our favorite local independent record store. After hearing rave reviews from one of our favorite clerks, we gave it a shot...and I was not disappointed. I find this album to be solid from start to finish, one that actually leaves me wishing there were more music to be heard. While I do need to find myself in a particular mood to fully enjoy this, when that mood hits... it satisfies.

Why don't you indulge yourselves in some Warpaint... you will enjoy it. 

Well... okay... a few of you will.  The rest of you probably won't.

"Disco // Very - Keep it Healthy"

"Love is to Die"