Uncle Zeke's Top 20 o' 2014: #9 - BLONDFIRE: "Young Heart"

#9 - BLONDFIRE: "Young Heart"

Blondfire are the brother/sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll. The siblings grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan to an American father and a Brazilian mother, so there was no shortage of culture in the home. The siblings grew up listening to the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Astrud Gilberto, which, although not directly heard in their music, one can probably assume that it added to the maturity of their music. 

Is Blondfire deep, introspective music?  No, at least not when I listen to them. What I hear is melody... catchy hooks that suck me in from the moment the needle drops until it lifts at the end of side 2. I first heard them at a local music store and I couldn't even make it out of the shop without a copy in tow. I hope they eventually find the international success they deserve. Heck, I'm so out of the loop, they may already be in the Top 40. If not, they SHOULD be. No. No. That isn't the right thing to wish for. Top 40 music sucks. Except for Adele. She doesn't suck. 


"Walking With Giants"

"Where the Kids Are"