Uncle Zeke's Top 20 o' 2014: #6 - ALT-J: "This is All Yours"

#6 - ALT-J: "This is All Yours"

Number 6 goes to a UK band based out of Leeds. Alt-J stumbled across my radar early in 2014 by way of a co-worker. He would often download new albums by way of a Russian downloading service and then burn me CDs of his findings. Now, before y'all go and alert Lars Ulrich (of Metallica) that I have some questionably downloaded music, please understand that this only served as a catalyst for me to run out and buy the vinyl LP at a significant price to myself. 

What immediately drew me to this band was the simple, yet lush songs. Quirky in nature, distant from the mainstream, the songs on this album were fresh AND accessible, a feat not too easy to accomplish. 

While this album may not be my favorite album of the year, it DOES boast what is probably my favorite singular song of the year. The song "Warm Foothills" has an ethereal quality about it that makes it dreamlike and serene. Where it really hits me is during the opening lyrics of the song. Sensual in nature and sublime in delivery, the joint vocals of Joe Newman mixed with guests Lianne La Havas, Marika Hackman and Conor Oberst is where this song sets this album apart. Just give it a listen, if you don't believe me.

Here is a sampling of what this album has to offer. While I don't like everything to be found on the album, those moments where it shines are some of my favorite sounds of the year... hands down.

"Hunger of the Pine"

"Every Other Freckle"