October Vinyl Challenge: Day 2 - "WHAT A STEAL"


What a steal....literally. Well, not really. I didn't actually STEAL this clear vinyl pressing of David Bowie's seminal 1977 album... a collaboration with Brian Eno called, "Heroes". But you knew that. Either way, there was no need to steal it, since we found it in a dollar bin. Yes, you read that correctly... an American, no-holds-barred DOLLAR BIN!! And, if that's not enough, it's actually in really good shape... well... except for the little crack that runs about halfway into the first track of each side. That said, worth every penny and more. It does pop as if it had a scratch, but it plays all the way through... and once you're past the pop, it's a nice clean listen.

I'm glad to have it, and not only because it has some great music... mixed in with some really unusual music (Thanks, Eno)...but, because I'm currently on a big Bowie kick, thanks to Rob Sheffield's new book, "On Bowie". Sheffield is really my brother from another mother. I've never met him, nor probably will ever meet him, but we share so many memories of growing up New Wave. Thanks, Rob... and thanks, Bowie.